A Beginner’s Guide to Craft Beer Tastings

Whether you love craft beer already or you’re just beginning to try new brews, a beer tasting can really open your eyes to new and wonderful experiences. Learning how to pick out specific aromas and flavors, and ruminating on how beer feels in your mouth, whether weighty or light and lively, adds new dimensions to the drinking experience. If you’d like to get more out of the beer you’re tasting or if you’re wondering how to even go about having a beer sampling, we can help.

Introducing KegWorks’ Beer Tasting Guide, now in our How-To Center.

Visit our Beer Tasting Guide and learn:

Plus, you’ll find a complete Beer Tasting Glossary for terms you aren’t familiar with and free, printable Beer Tasting Notes sheets.

Beer Sampling



  • Drew April 8, 2010 @ 3:08pm

    Very cool summaries.

    I recently have been trying to work up a check list for “avoiding hangovers after a beer tasting,” as I have been getting extremely hungover after beer fests lately, no matter how much I hydrate or what I eat before. I also never really reach the “drunk” stage but still feel like crap the day after.

    Any tips on that?

  • Hannah April 8, 2010 @ 3:27pm

    Drew – just sent out your question across Twitter lines and within 5 minutes, these are the responses I’ve gotten:

    1. Water, water water (@michaelsburke)
    2. Water and lots of high carb foods (@mandystafford)
    3. Keep drinking the morning after (@emcarx)
    4. Drink water in between samples, pretzels, or maybe even try chaser (anti-hangover pill) (@DosBeerigos)
    5. Try Gatorade along with water. Or stop at 20 beers. (@WolverineTim)
    6. I’d say that person just needs to practice more often. (@DailyBeerReview)
    7. Drink lots of H20. Avoid mixing with other alcohols. Vitamin B or brewers yeast. Take two ibuprofen w/ full glass h2o before bed. (@AmieMize)

    Let me know if any of that helps!

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