A Brief Exploration of the Rich Martini Landscape

Today, June 19th, is National Martini Day. To celebrate, we thought we’d talk about a couple different ways to make this classic drink, and of course a few methods for enjoying it as well.

A basic Martini is made with gin and dry vermouth, garnished with olives or a lemon twist.

Classic Martini

Like many classic cocktails, there is no universally agreed upon way to make this drink nowadays. When the cocktail was first created, the suggested ratio of gin to vermouth, was 1:1. Since then, the vermouth has been slowly lowered, and now, a generally accepted ratio resides around 6:1, but make yours to taste.

Once you’ve decided on the ratio of your parts, the next big decision is shaken or stirred. Most cocktail connoisseurs will tell you always stirred and never shaken, but the iconic James Bond from Casino Royale disagreed.


The variation he ordered is commonly called a Vesper, which uses gin, vodka, and a measure of Kina Lillet. He orders it shaken, although the folks at Punch advise you still to stir, despite Bond’s suave insistence.

Head on over to PunchDrink.com to see exactly how they suggest the Vesper be made and served.

Now, I am far from a Martini expert, so I’ll stop there with the recipes. If neither the classic Martini nor the Vesper are your style, a simple Google search will return a plethora of variations.

What I am quite knowledgeable about is our fine line of Martini products which will most definitely improve your drinking experience. My three favorites are listed below. Happy Martini Day, thirsty readers!

1. Libbey Z-Stem Martini Glasses  – 9.25 oz – Set of 4 – $15.25

Libbey Z-Stem Martini Glasses Set of 4

Embrace the perfect combination of traditional performance and contemporary style with these Z-Stem Martini Glasses by the world’s most renowned glassmaker, Libbey.

2. The Homemade Gin Kit – $49.95

The Homemade Gin KIt

This DIY gin kit comes with everything you need to make your own delicious gin right at home. All you need  in addition to the kit is a 750mL bottle of unflavored vodka. Follow the included instructions and within 36 hours, you’ll have your own homemade gin.

3. Martini Travel Bar Set With Case  – $59.95

Martini Bar Travel Set With CaseA durable, velvet-lined travel case safely transports all of your Martini hardware from Point A to Point Wherever the Party Is. You get two sleek glasses and olive spears, a stainless steel flask, jigger, funnel, and shaker. That’s everything you need to turn a minibar into a golden oasis of Martini-aided relaxation.

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