A Brief History of Cinco de Mayo (VIDEO)

Happy Cinco de Mayo (AKA Drink Margaritas and Eat Chips and Salsa Day)!

There are few things I like more in this world than salty margs, toasty tortilla chips, and buckets of spicy salsa. Given that fact, you might say that I consider Cinco de Mayo my favorite drinking holiday.

But referring to it solely as a “drinking holiday” seems a bit offensive. What is it really? Why is Cinco de Mayo even on anyone’s radar? I think the common misconception (and one that I know I’ve parroted before) is that it’s essentially Mexican Independence Day. Well, that’s not correct.

I know many of us are not students of history, and probably have no interest in reading something long and involved that explores the origins of Cinco de Mayo. But how about a funny, short video that catches you up so that you can feel a little bit smarter while you’re swimming in a pool of tequila and sour mix? Yeah, that should do the trick. Enjoy!

(Video via theflama.com)

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