A Cheerwine Sweepstakes You Don’t Want To Miss

Most of us hadn’t ever heard of Cheerwine Cherry Soda before we started selling it. Little did we know it’s freaking delicious and one or two sips will cause you to fall in love.

Their products are great and their brand is definitely a little bit out there – but that’s half of the fun.

They’re all about leisure, so they’re running a Long Live Leisure Sweepstakes and giving away what they’ve dubbed “the chillest ride in the universe” – a retro-fitted, stylized 1977 Cheerwine Volkswagen Bus featuring custom upholstered sofa and love seats, GPS navigation, thumping stereo system, X-Box 360, LCD flat screen TV, refrigerator, custom 9-foot surfboard and roof rack.

Cheerwine Bus Sweepstakes

Tell me that wouldn’t be a sweet vehicle to take tailgating? You too can enter the sweepstakes at cheerwinesweepstakes.com. Good luck!


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