A Craft Beer Drinker's Manifesto for 2013

Craft Beer Drinkers Unite in 2013

For craft aficionados, every beer is an opportunity. With each bottle cracked open, each pint lovingly poured, each indulgent sip, a craft beer drinker is exposing him or herself to the potential for a transformative experience. You must seek to set your senses ablaze and, in so doing, you must accept the possibility that you will succeed.

The quest for the perfect sip isn’t necessarily about finding it. It’s about the quest itself. It’s about the discipline of the drinker, the diligence of the presentation, and the craftsmanship of the brew. It’s about identifying nuance and layers of flavor that cascade into one another like socks in a washing machine. It’s about putting in enough work to be confident in your own ability to understand the artistry of whatever masterpiece you’re privileged enough to hold. There is joy in knowledge well-applied, and that joy is the key to the door of transcendence.

This is serious business. Truly, a thirst for craft beer is often poorly described by the idea of "hobby." Try "passionate, reverent avocation" and you’d be much closer to hitting the mark. It is an ongoing adventure, a never-ending journey of epic challenges with rewards that are rich and vast.

So in 2013, a year the Mayans never meant for us to see, let’s all pledge to continue our own journeys. Let’s keep hunting for perfection in a glass. But even more importantly, let’s recognize that the hunt itself is all the perfection we really need.

Craft beer drinkers unite, and ever onwards shall we march! Let’s make it a great year.

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