A Gentlemen’s Weekend

When I read the ingredients of this cocktail, visions of soft, burgundy velvet robes, neck scarves, plush sheepskin-lined slippers, pipe smoking and fireplaces filled my head. Seems like something straight out of an old movie. These are my favorite types of cocktails; simple and classic, the way they should be.

We are finally feeling the spring thaw up here in Buffalo, NY. This is about the time of year when I begin to trade my dark stouts for IPAs and bourbon for vodka or gin. Now that Q Tonic is in the mix, spring and summer are looking even better! This is one cocktail I’ll definitely be enjoying in the coming evenings.
Gentlemen’s Weekend
1½ oz. gin
1 dash olive juice
Fill with tonic water
3 whole (pitted) olives

Put olives in an old fashioned glass and cover with a few small ice cubes. Add gin and olive juice, then fill with tonic water. Stir and serve.


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