A Goodbye to Gerg

Today’s post goes out to Greg, lovingly known at KegWorks and on this blog as ‘Gerg’ (and all these years you thought it was a typo).

KegWorks’ photographer extraordinaire and SEO, Gerg is leaving us for new and different opportunities and we all wish him the very best. Of course, a proper KegWorks goodbye couldn’t go without burgers and beer, hence photos of our raucous farewell lunch. I apologize in advance because I most definitely caught everyone in the act of mowing food. We’re a hungry bunch.

Greg Farewell Lunch

Greg Farewell Lunch

Thanks for the great years, Gerg. Best of luck to you as you move on to new endeavors!


  • gerg June 3, 2011 @ 3:14pm

    Thanks, guys!!! I’ll miss the entire raucous bunch of you!!! Obviously I’ll still keep up to date with the latest at KegWorks and wish you all well!!!

  • George June 10, 2011 @ 9:59am

    How about this?

    You pretend that I worked at KW and I’m now leaving and you take me out to lunch to celebrate my 3 years of hard work…

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