A Home Bar to Be Envied

Scott Battis of Salem, New Hampshire was kind enough to send us some photos of the Old Irish themed home bar and theater room that he built himself.

It’s obvious he’s put a lot of time and love into the project. We’re happy to report that he put a lot of KegWorks products into it as well… bar foot rails, a double tap kegerator, a beverage center, and more. The theater room is equipped with 126″ screen and a pretty sweet audio system. We could go on and on about it but the pictures let the bar speak for itself.


Battis Bar Before 1

Battis Bar Before 2

Battis Bar Before 3


Battis Bar After 1

Battis Bar After 2

Battis Bar After 3

Battis Bar After 4

Battis Bar After 5

If we’re ever in New Hampshire, we’ll have to stop by for a beer. It’s certainly the kind of bar we’d like to hang out in.

Nice work Scott, and thanks again for sharing the photos – you just might inspire someone out there to make their own dream a reality.


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