A Lawnmower Beer

When it comes to writing beer reviews, Peter is by far our in-house expert. But I recently tried a beer that needed to be blogged about…Miller Chill. “Chill is a new cheleda style beer brewed with a hint of lime and salt” to quote the Miller Chill Web site.

Here’s the back story: I read all the trade rags about the beverage alcohol industry (insert your own joke here). Each one kept talking about how this beer is taking the country by storm, stealing market share from Corona and Anheuser Busch. Miller ChillSo I wanted to try one…ONE. I wasn’t sure on the whole lime-salt-flavored-beer-thing.

My wife saw an ad for it somewhere and asked what, exactly, it was. I explained it to her and mentioned wanting to try it. Being the wonderful person she is, on her next visit to the store she brought home a twelve pack. All I could think of was the eleven orphans I was going to have left taking up valuable fridge space waiting, for the opportunity to be pawned off on company.

Now the review…it’s not bad, if you know what you are getting into. If you are looking for any type of normal beer taste, this is not for you. The only resemblance it has to other mass produced light beers is the way it feels in your mouth. The taste is different. The lime flavor is strong, but not overpowering. Someone told me it tastes better if you use margarita salt on the rim of a glass to drink it. Chill is light and surprisingly refreshing. It falls into to category of what we at KegWorks like to call lawnmower beers; perfect for when the yard work is done on a hot Saturday afternoon. Now, it’s not going to be for regular consumption at my house, but these orphans will probably find a home before the end of the summer.

I know this is not for everyone, so I would recommend trying ONE when you’re out to see if you think it’s worth bringing some home.


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