A Reason To Drink: Arbor Day

Arbor Day Beer

Even though it’s snowing and gross as I write this, I remain confident that consistent warm weather is soon to be something more than just a rumor. That will be a glorious three days of being comfortable and stylish in shorts and light sweaters, otherwise known as “The Only Time of the Year I Don’t Have the Meat-Sweats.”

But the calendar is a relentless beast. Spring flips to summer before I even have the time to shave my feet in preparation for sandal season, and all of a sudden, there’s nothing I want more than the cool respite of a well-shaded patch of grass and a fully stocked cooler.

It’s my own job to fill the cooler with ice-cold refreshment, but shade? That rides squarely on the oaky shoulders of my good friends, trees.

I know what you’re thinking. “Doesn’t he have actual friends? Does he realize that trees don’t have feelings or emotions, so he shouldn’t bother kissing them gently on the bark and telling them they’re cool?” The answers are, “No,” and “Don’t judge me until you’ve felt the majestic relief of dew-soaked bark against your sunburnt lips.”

Seriously, what’s not to love about trees? Besides the aforementioned shade (and really, beer + shade = good is the only math I can still do), they do all sorts of great things.

Are you breathing right now? Thanks trees!
Does your basement stay dry after heavy rains? What’s up trees (and quality construction)!
Aren’t birds pretty? Trees, trees, trees!

I could go on, and try to make more sense, but this Friday, April 27th is the 140th Arbor Day to be celebrated on the fair shores of our country, so I feel like people generally get the point. So get out there and contribute to the health of our planet, the beauty of our communities, and the sanctity of our summer drinking spots. Then crack an ice cold beer and pat yourself on the back. Celebrating trees? Now THAT’S a reason to drink…

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