A Reason To Drink: Beverly Hills 90210

Beverly Hills 90210

How many zip codes do you think you know? Unless you’re a mailman or a disillusioned psychotic in need of a shave and a haircut, the answer is probably either, “Not many,” or “You ask annoying questions and smell like Funyuns.” But seriously, you probably know your own zip code, a few of the surrounding towns, maybe you’ve got a pen pal in the Pacific Northwest, or perhaps you routinely send clippings of your hair to your long-lost love in rural Missouri. So what’s that, like 7 zip codes that the average person and/or follicularly obsessed stalker knows?

Oh wait, you’ll have to excuse me for a moment. I’ve got to take this phone call…


“Hey Collin! It’s your good friend and self-appointed all-around dream hunk, Luke Perry. How are you?”

“Ah, Luke! Remember that time we went out drinking and I was wearing my KegWorks hoodie while you were stuck with a plain black t-shirt?”

“How could I forget? We walked into the bar and I figured all the lady cakes would be after a piece of the Perry, but it wasn’t to be. That was the night that you taught me all the secrets of how to be cool and handsome. I bought my own KegWorks hoodie and started growing sideburns the very next day.”

“Well, someday you’ll be as cool and un-Funyun scented as I am.”

“No, no. You’re the ultimate man. I sure wish this was a video phone.”

“Alright, that’s about enough of that. Anyhow, what’s up Coy?”

“I just wanted to remind you that although zip codes are largely forgettable and borderline annoying, there’s one that EVERYBODY knows.”

“Luke, not everyone knows the zip code for your hometown, Fredericktown, Ohio.”

“Ah nuts. I thought they would. I’m sorry for wasting your time.”

“Not at all Luke. In fact, because I’m much smarter than you, I just thought of a zip code that everyone would know. Perhaps you’ve heard of it…Beverly Hills, 90210?”

“Oh you irreverent jokester! Of course I know that zip code! I once was on a television show that went by that very name. It was a seminal series for the fledgling Fox network in the pre-American Idol era and helped to establish its credibility as a broadcasting force that was routinely capable of challenging the previously untouchable “Big 3” of network broadcasting. We unflinchingly touched on the “real issues” of the day including date rape, gay rights, AIDS, suicide, and substance abuse. While we were never a critical masterpiece (largely because Ian Ziering and I were playing high school students even though we looked older than papyrus), we were certainly a touchstone show that is remembered fondly by a whole generation.”

“You’re smarter than you look, but that’s mostly because you look like a dumber version of a mannequin. Did you know that this Thursday, May 17th 2012 is the 12th anniversary of the original series finale?”

“It is? Well, that sounds like a good reason to raise a celebratory glass doesn’t it?”

“It sure does Luke, it sure does. Let’s never talk again.”

Celebrating a television show that reveled in its own pulpy popularity while still nodding at large-scale issues no other show would come near? Now THAT’S a reason to drink!

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