A Recipe for Disaster

56-10… The worst loss in Buffalo Bills history, to division rival New England no less. I use the word “rival” loosely, as a rivalry implies two teams with some modicum of competitive balance between them. I got to experience the debacle first hand Sunday night at Ralph Wilson Stadium and the only competition I saw was who could leave the longest tread marks peeling out of the parking lot at halftime.

Sadly, the unsurprising outcome was not even the worst-case scenario. Still very unpleasant, but considering Randy Moss had four touchdowns by halftime, it could have been worse. Also, it wasn’t nearly as bad as the gut wrenching, last second loss to the Dallas Cowboys last month on the national stage of Monday Night Football.

Shot GlassIn honor of Buffalo’s getting dismantled by an unstoppable juggernaut in front of a national television audience, I’d like to present a special drink recipe for Bills fans everywhere. It’s also good for fans of any other team that has been, or will soon be, shown up by the Patriots this year.

1 bottle of liquor, your choice
1 shot glass

Pour liquor into shot glass and consume. Lather, rinse, repeat until all traces of “56-10” are erased from your memory.

Okay, okay, alcohol abuse is nothing to joke about, so please don’t drink until you can’t feel feelings anymore. Just take solace in the fact the Patriots have been stomping everyone this year and will surely go down as one of the best teams in NFL history. The silver lining is no one got hurt and we’re still within sniffing distance of the playoffs ten games into the season.

Also, with the way the Pats have been running up the score on people it’s only a matter of time before they get their comeuppance. What goes around comes around. Other teams won’t forget and will be quick to pile on when the opportunity arises. The Patriots are angering the football gods and they will be punished… let’s just hope it’s sooner rather than later.


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