A Time to Grill

Lately I’ve been day dreaming at my cubicle. I see me marinating chicken, seasoning burgers, lining up the sausages and soaking the corn. Boy, I can’t wait til grilling season starts. I know you can grill year round in some areas of the USA, or even here if you really get the urge, but I hate the cold.

Personally I’d prefer 65 – 70° and sunny year-round. I guess I’m still day dreaming because, here in Buffalo, we just don’t get consistently good weather like that. A more accurate statement would be that our weather sucks; but I digress.

Back to grilling. I like to use charcoal over a gas grill. It might take more prep time, but the end results are scrumptious. To me, that’s what grilling is all about; the rubs, the seasonings and the charcoal flavor. It’s not about those pretty lines you get from the grill.

We have about 40 days before the temp will average above 50 degrees in this area. So there’s still a little while before I can pull out my grill at home. But hey, here at KegWorks, we’ve been known to cook out in the dead of winter.

(Hint, hint… to the powers that be in the KegWorks brain trust.)

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  • Hannah March 12, 2009 @ 8:42am

    Alright wackos, I find it hard to believe the bulk of our readers are vegetarian. Stop stuffing the poll 😛

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