Absinthe Candy Strikes Again

A while back, in fact, almost a year ago, we got in some very unique absinthe lollipops that went so quickly, we unfortunately ran out, with no more in sight (I’ll be sure to let you all know if we ever do get them in stock again).

Since we had run out of these absinthe sweets, I hadn’t given absinthe candy any thought in some time, until Ed passed this link from urbandaddy.com, touting Tailor’s (a SoHo dessert bar) newest dessert delicacy – absinthe gummi bears (thanks Ed!).

That’s right, your favorite recently legalized, possibly hallucinogenic liquor has finally made it into ursine gummi form, fresh from Tailor’s in-house candy shop (aka, mad scientists Sam Mason and Eben Freeman). You’ll mostly taste licorice—it’s really the anise in the absinthe—but this gummi is smarter (and boozier) than the av-e-rage bear. It’s 85% absinthe, with just a touch of gelatin and sugar added to keep things solid.

Next time you’re in NYC, pop by Tailor’s and order yourself an espresso – each cup comes with one absinthe gummi bear that’s sure to please your adult palate, along with your kid heart.


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