Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

If I built a time machine, it would be for one reason: To facilitate a conversation between Ernest Hemingway, Oscar Wilde, Vincent Van Gogh, and Marilyn Manson. I imagine it would sound something like this…

Marilyn: Greetings, beautiful people. I’m feeling marketably evil tonight. Let’s partake in the dark ritual that grants us a brief reprieve from our beguiling misery. I give you the majestic, twisted queen of our circus of damned souls: Le absinthe! Oscar: The last time I’ve seen such a beautiful Green Fairy I was feeling quite seasick in a hall of mirrors. Ernest: Yes. We should drink like men. Men who have fought. Men who thirst. Vincent: What? I can’t hear you guys. Oscar: Beauty is usually its own reward, but this bitch, as they say, has bite. Marilyn: Apart from blood (yes, I drink blood because I’m dark and shocking!), I know of no elixir more fitting to my devil tongue than grand, glorious absinthe! Oscar: Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder. Ernest: Let’s raise our glasses and know our truths. There is honor here, but not without its price. Vincent: Seriously, you guys need to speak up.

Absinthe Green Fairy Fountain with 4 Faucets In theory, it would continue on pretty much like this, but they’d all be making one essential point: Absinthe is kind of awesome. All these noted giants of the creative past, and many other luminaries, are noted supporters of the exotic drink and its pleasant effects. And why not? Though it’s been vilified, demonized, and pushed to the outer boundaries of our cocktail consciousness, times have changed. The most commonly described feeling that absinthe drinkers report is one of supremely enjoyable “lucid drunkenness.” Oh no! Not lucid drunkenness! We’re doomed, right? I mean, that sounds awful. Who wants the insulating effects of slight inebriation without the crippling fog of alcohol induced idiocy? Oh wait, everyone wants that! Seriously, absinthe is no pathway to true enlightenment or automatic ticket to geniushood. But it is a wholly different, completely unique experience that every cocktail enthusiast needs to try at least once. Create a link between yourself and the many great minds from bygone eras of innovative enlightenment. And Marilyn Manson too! Check out our fully stocked absinthe shop today! Hit us in the comments if you’re an absinthe expert (or amateur!) and you feel like weighing in! [techtags:Absinthe, Green Fairy]

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  • vel July 20, 2012 @ 3:19pm

    I’ve tried Lucid and Vieux Carre. Alas, they seem just more herbal/anise-y liqueurs, my preference being Vieux Carre for its stronger artemisia taste. I do wish they were as interesting as the legends make them. It does look awfully cool though.

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