Cooler Heads Prevail

So, it’s another hot day here in “th’Buff” and as a result of having my brain nearly cooked in my own skull, I found myself looking on the Internet for things that will help me think cool thoughts while on my lunch break. It’s not that the AC here at KegWorks is on the fritz or that someone neglected to pay the bill, it’s just that as I look out my window it just looks even hotter, muggier and stickier than earlier – and that is definitely not within my 5 degree temperature tolerance range. I just know that the moment I step outside I’ll be stewed in my own juices. Blech! Think cool thoughts, Ed. Think cool thoughts…

Found one. If this one doesn’t help, I don’t know what will…

Absolut Ice Bar

One of the things on my Great, Big Fun ‘To Do’ List of Life is to visit Sweden during the winter. Aaaaah, winter. Apart from soaking up Scandinavian culture, the medieval and gothic architecture – (not to mention scoping out tall, fair-haired hotties) – I’ve always wanted to stay in the Ice Hotel for a night or two and throw back a couple at the Absolut Ice Bar in Jukkasjärvi. I’ve read about them extensively, seen photos of the hotel and bar all over the internet, and have even watched lengthy Discovery Channel–type episodes Absolut Ice Baron the “behind the scenes” planning and construction of the Ice Hotel and Bar. Not only are they both feats of temporary architectural wonder and an artistic feast for the eyes, but they are cool – COLD compared to the weather outside today. Check out these suites, for example. Aaaaah. That’s the stuff. I’m feeling cooler already.

Sweden isn’t the only location you’ll find an Absolut Ice Bar. These amazing structures have sprung up in Stockholm, Copenhagen, London, and Tokyo – just to name a few. Other, non-Absolut ice bars and hotels have been known to spring up in Quebec, Finland, Norway, and Romania.

Since I can’t exactly make it to either the Ice Hotel or the Ice Bar this year, I can at least simulate part of the experience by using my new Cool Shooters Ice Shot Glass Mold and by standing in front of the AC set to full speed.

Here’s to cooler heads and cooler days!


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  • sam s. July 22, 2008 @ 8:35am

    I’m so warm right now I wish I were sliding around on those ice benches…. booking my trip to Sweden now.

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