Accidental Day Drinking: What’s a Man To Do?

Beer o Clock

When is it OK to drink a beer? Noon? 5:00 PM? Beer ‘O Clock? Whenever?

And does it matter what day of the week it is? Is day drinking on a Sunday better than day drinking on a Monday or Tuesday?

These are hard questions. The acceptability of drinking is a question with an eminently slippery slope. Furthermore, it’s almost wholly subjective. Your definition of alcoholism might be my definition of “Hey man, you only live once.” Or vice versa.

Recently, this very issue was contested on perhaps the most public of all possible forums: Twitter. Josh Petri, an editor at, sent the following tweet at 11:43 AM on Monday morning:

I just accidentally opened a beer. It is 11:43 AM. Wait til noon and drink it anyways?
4/14/14, 11:44 AM

Wow. Sophie’s Choice, eat your heart out.

Now, I know what some of you are thinking, “How do you ACCIDENTALLY open a beer?” According to an Esquire interview with Petri, he was working from home at the time and blindly absorbed in his project. He reached into the fridge, grabbed a can of what he thought was Diet Coke, and popped the top only to then realize that it was an ice cold can of 21st Amendment. Easy enough mistake to make, right?

After receiving a multitude of responses from Twitter, almost all of them falling squarely in the “Dude, just drink it” camp, Petri reached a compromise with himself: he waited the 17 minutes until noon, and then drank half the beer.

I’ve got to say, this Josh Petri is a better man than me. Had I found myself in his shoes, I would have said, “Welp. Down the hatch,” and not given a second thought to the potential implications on my sobriety. But how about you guys? What do you think? Would you have shown similar restraint? Or is it too much of a crime to waste a good brew? Let us know in the comments below!

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