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It’s an air hockey table. No, wait… it’s a foosball table. No, wait! It’s a stick hockey table! Wait… could it possibly be all 3? Indeed it is. And I’m dying to get my hands on one.

My favorite non-beer related item to hit our site this year has got to be the 3-in-1 Rotating Game Table, featuring air hockey on one panel, foosball on the second and stick hockey on the third. Play a rousing game of air hockey and with a quick flip of the table, you’re flying high with foosball. Turn it again and ready to rock out with pure stick hockey fun. One sleek table for three times the fun.

3-in-1 Game Table with Air Hockey, Foosball and Stick Hockey

One of the best parts is, you can get all these classic games in one rotating table for under $400. What more could a table-game-lover want? Check it out here!


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