Dude, Where’s My Blog Post?

Somewhere on this page was going to be my kick-ass post exploring the history of alcohol as it relates to human spirituality but alas, the dog ate my homework – or was it the little gremlins in the laptop? I don’t know which. Whatever the reason, it’s not here.

I wouldn’t call it a tour de force, this post of mine, but it was a piece I spent a good deal of time researching, understanding, reflecting upon and writing. It explored the many facets of human spirituality, including both contemporary beliefs and those of the ancient world. Since spirituality is a rather large part of the human experience (even historically speaking), people seemed to make a distinct connection between the heavens and the discovery of alcohol.

Ketel One Dirty MartiniMy missing post crossed many spiritual borders, ranging from the beliefs of the Sumerians and Egyptians to Pagans and Christians. It examined the in-depth and cursory relationships that mankind’s varying beliefs had with alcohol. I dodged quite a few bullets along the way.

I could try to re-write my post, but what’s the use, really? I wouldn’t make the same exact points, nor would I be able to word things as neatly, all-inclusively and non-offensively as I had.

Instead I’ve chosen to write an entry, in part, about the entry you don’t see. If anything, I want to tease you and make you wonder. And that was the point of my original post: to explore this unique aspect of alcohol which, btw, very few people are brave enough to address.

So now the only spirits I have to contend with are the ones left in this bottle. I’ve nearly finished a big-ass bottle of Ketel One vodka last night. (No, not all in one sitting.) It’s a bottle I’ve had since my housewarming party – in California. So, as you’ve already guessed, it’s been around a long time.

Ketel One is one of those vodkas that is perfect when it comes to rolling out Dirty Martinis (or Sleazy Martinis, as I make them) but, once the olives or juice runs out – or when the palette gets a little weary of the vermouth – it’s hardly worth continuing, right? Clearly though, every last drop of this vodka is meant to be savored and enjoyed. And by the time I do hit the bottom of the next bottle, I may have enough inspiration to rewrite my blog entry that’s currently MIA.


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