Allagash Brewing Announces Return to New York

Allagash Brewing Comes Back to Western New York

Every one loves receiving snail mail these days, even just a letter (of course, this excludes any paper bills that still come through the mail – no one likes those). So you’d imagine my great delight when I received a large, rather heavy package at work last week. The package was from Allagash Brewing Company out of Portland, Maine. Until last week, I’d only heard of Allagash, but never had any of their beers.

I immediately tore open the package and found the following: two 12-ounce Whites, two 12-ounce Saisons, and one 750ml Allagash Curieux. They also sent a bunch of stickers, a small and large chalice, and a handwritten note.

Allagash Brewing Company Care Package Contents

Allagash Brewing Company  Stickers

Allagash Brewing Company Small and Large Chalice

Allagash Brewing Company's Care Package Layout

The purpose of all this? After a 5-year absence, Allagash is coming back to Western and Central New York State on August 25th, offering their entire lineup of brews.

Being located in Buffalo, NY and writing quite frequently about beer, I realize why this package was sent to me. They wanted me to tell all of you about this news. And here I am. They succeeded. And there are two reasons why…

1.) They Took the Time

Allagash handwritten note from package
They sent me a personalized package with more than just promotional swag. AND, they included a personalized, handwritten note from their Marketing Director. Big points for that.

2.) Their Beers are Awesome

Allagash Brewing Company  White, Saison, and Curieux

I started out with the Saison. I split it with our photographer while we shot the photos you see throughout this post. It was 12pm. I thought about taking the rest of the day off and drinking the remainder of the beers they sent me. It was that good. I reluctantly stayed at work.

That night, I dipped into the Curieux, a Tripel aged in Jim Beam bourbon barrels for eight weeks. This 11% beauty left me wanting more and more. It goes down super easy (maybe too easy) with notes of coconut, vanilla, and just the right amount of bourbon.

Allagash Brewing Company Saison in Chalice Glass

Finally, I tried their interpretation of a traditional Belgian wheat beer, Allagash White. Take a look at the description on their website, and I’ll let the seven awards speak for this beer.

I reluctantly shared these beers with several friends and coworkers, and their reviews all mirrored mine. Allagash, you have officially won my heart and my palate. I’m counting down the days to August 25th.

If you’re from Western or Central New York, Allagash will be hosting tastings at local establishments around the area throughout the week of the 25th. Jump over to their events page for more.

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