Alternatives that Flow: Cerveza Mexico 2010

Cerveza Mexico 2010

September 2 – 4, 2010 was host to the most complete beer event to date in Mexico; Cerveza Mexico 2010 – Alternatives That Flow. Hosted in part by friend and owner of Cerveceria Primus, the event enjoyed over 7,000 attendees and more than 150 beers to taste.

Primus at Cerveza Mexico 2010

For the competition, certified BJCP judges were brought in from the US. As Rodolfo Andreu of Primus put it, the Competion Cerveza Mexico’s objective was to acknowledge and reward the quality of Mexican and foreign beers. Here are the results from BJCP judges attending:

  • 65 beers registered (49 Mexican, 26 foreign)
  • 25 breweries (15 Mexican, 10 foreign)
  • 8 countries (Germany, Belgium, Scotland, Uruguay, Ecuador, USA, Argentina and Mexico)
  • 5 categories

Winners at Cerveza Mexico 2010

Winners by category (Medal – Brewery – Beer – Country)

Lager (Light and Dark)
Gold – Cerveceria Nacional – Club – Ecuador
Silver – Cerveceria Primus – Tempus Doble Malta – Mexico
Bronze – SAB Miller – Miller Lite – USA

Ale (Light and Amber)
Gold – Cerveceria Cucapa – Runaway IPA – Mexico
Silver – Cerveceria Primus – Tempus Reserva Especial – Mexico
Bronze – Beer Factory – Coyote – Mexico

Ale (Dark)
Gold – Beer Factory – Luna Llena – Mexico
Silver – Fabrica Nacional de Cervezas – Patricia Porter – Uruguay
Bronze – Beer Factory – Power Beer – Mexico

Wheat and Lambic
Gold – Beer Factory – Mediterranea – Mexico
Silver – Cerveceria Calavera -Wit Bier – Mexico
Bronze – Cerveceria San Vicente – Cerveza San Vicente – Mexico

Specialty and High Alcohol Content
Gold – Brewdog – Hardcore IPA – Scotland
Silver – Heller-Brau Trum KG – Schlenkerla Rauchbier – Germany
Bronze – Brewdog – Paradox – Scotland

The official Cerveza Mexico 2010 Beer Cup winner is Beer Factory, with two Gold and two Bronze medals. The 2011 event will be held September 1 – 3 at the WTC, during the Gourmet Show. If you’re in the area, be sure to check it out!

Cheers to Primus and everyone else helping to push for more and better craft beer in Mexico!

A special thanks to Rodolfo for sending me these pics and updates on the event. Maybe next year I’ll be able to attend!


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