American Craft Beer Week is Upon Us Once More

I wrote a post on American Craft Beer Week last year and I can’t believe it’s already time to celebrate again. Time sure does fly when you’re drinking the good stuff.

American Craft Beer Week

So what IS American Craft Beer Week exactly? It’s the “Mother of All Beer Weeks” and it takes place across the country. Beer fanatics, craft brewers, distributors, homebrewers, retailers and even the U.S. Congress celebrate the passion and successes of small and independent craft brewers and highlight everything that Americans love about microbrews.

This year the national effort will be underway the week of Monday, May 17th and end on Sunday, May 23rd. You can check out brewery and beer store promotions going on in your area here. If you can’t make any of the organized events, make sure to support these small businesses by drinking a delicious beer brewed by one of the 1400+ craft brewers in the U.S.

After a year in which the craft brewing industry grew 7.2% by volume and 10.3% by dollars, there’s much to celebrate. In 2009 some 1,595 breweries were making and selling beer and that’s the highest total since before Prohibition. If we can’t drink to that, what can we drink to? Here’s to a great year for craft beer and many, many more.


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