American Craft Beer Week 2011

Today begins American Craft Beer Week, 2011. For the first time in history, all 50 states are participating, offering even more proof that good beer is here to stay. This is the fifth official year of American Craft Beer Week and happily, participation by both brewers and consumers has grown greatly.

American Craft Beer Week 2011

Of course, this particular beer week is just one of many that are celebrated through the US each year. Many cities throw their own craft beer celebrations at different times because, let’s face it, beer should be revered more than just 7 days out of the year.

Cities and states that will be hosting their own festivals to coincide with this year’s American Craft Beer Week include Minnesota, Long Island, Nevada, San Antonio, Chicago and Seattle.

What will you be doing to celebrate craft beer this week? At the very least, try something new and introduce some friends to the wonder that is non-mass-produced brew.



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