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Microbreweries have been making macro moves. Not only are craft beers changing the taste and structure of traditionally beloved beer brands, but they’re also bringing about a cultural shift. As a grassroots movement, small batch means greater emphasis on the products going into the beer, and the quality of alcohol being produced. There is more care and love involved in the beer-making process now than there was just a decade ago. People across the country are becoming involved with the movement by supporting local breweries with their patronage, crowdfunding local startups, and oftentimes, launching their own outfits.

The Brewers Association, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion and development of American craft breweries, thought it would be nice to set aside a designated week celebrating the art of craft beer.  The time has come to do so.  May 11th marked the official start of American Craft Beer Week, a week dedicated to the growing beer culture in the country that has made great strides in the last decade.

As a strong advocate of all things craft beer here at KegWorks, we would like to take some time to recognize some of the inventive small breweries doing great things in our hometown of Buffalo, NY.  Below are are just four of those businesses.

Rusty Nickel Brewing Company: 


Located in West Seneca behind the Ebenezer Ale House, the Rusty Nickel Brewing Company (RNBC) has been open since March of 2015.  RNBC is a prime example of a grassroots vision turned to reality.  

Founded by owners and brewers Jason Havens, Dave Johnson, and Scott Fiege, each of these beer enthusiasts always dreamt  of starting a brewery, but never acted on it.  After meeting up regularly with the WNY Beer Club, they took the plunge and launched their business in 2013.  

After two years of hard work, they are now open to the public and have a partnership with the Ebenezer Ale House, currently offering five beers on tap in their storefront.  The team focuses on producing unique and flavorful batches for the Buffalo community to enjoy.  That focus is paying off.

Resurgence Brewing Company:


With their taproom and brewery on Niagara Street in the West Side of Buffalo, Resurgence Brewing Company offers craft beers and a sense of community.  The name “Resurgence” directly relates to the sentiments of revival in Buffalo and also the historic West Side.

Complete with an outdoor beer garden, a lifesize Jenga game, and picnic bench seating, Resurgence fosters a rich social drinking scene with friends, family, and beer lovers alike.

Some of their more popular beer flavors include the Sponge-Candy Stout and the Loganberry Wit, and updates to the beer list are made weekly to showcase new flavors.  Through both the beer and the brewery’s atmosphere, Resurgence effectively mixes rustic and modern vibes to create a great drinking atmosphere for the people of Buffalo to enjoy.

Hamburg Brewing Company:


Home to the Southtowns of Buffalo, Hamburg Brewing Company (HBC) has been offering tasty craft beers and a picturesque taproom since October of 2013.  Offering six year-round beers, three seasonals, and five limited edition beers, HBC has something for everyone.  

With tours every Saturday and Sunday, participants get a firsthand look at the beautiful facility, the process of crafting, and one of the largest model train sets in WNY.  Live music comes to HBC every Wednesday and Saturday, and it’s just a great place for people to share their love of craft beer and admire the nature of the brewery’s surroundings.  

Big Ditch Brewing Company: 


Placed in the heart of the City of Buffalo on East Huron and Ellicott St., Big Ditch Brewing offers big beers and innovative tastes.  The name Big Ditch refers to the Erie Canal or the “Big Ditch” that was once a prominent waterway connecting the East Coast to the Great Lakes, which made Buffalo famous in its glory days.  

With the completion of the Taproom and Restaurant scheduled in the upcoming months, Big Ditch will put itself on the map as yet another prime location to enjoy drinking in a beer hall with up to 200 people.  

As progress continues to grow in the Downtown District, Big Ditch aspires to be a part of this movement and collaborate with other local vendors for food in the anticipated Taproom.  We’ve already fallen in love  with some of their beers like the Hayburner American IPA, and we’re excited to see the upcoming developments at Big Ditch!

 We’ve listed a few of our favorite WNY breweries that deserve some hefty recognition, not only during American Craft Beer Week, but every day. Now we want to know what you think! What’s your favorite small brewery, and which beer is your top pick? Take part in the Facebook discussion and add your favorite local brewery to the list!

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