A (Nearly) Complete List of American Craft Breweries

I’ve been following USA Beer Trends on Twitter (@USABeerTrends) for quite some time now. I’ve learned about beers I hadn’t yet heard of and am even in the middle of beer exchange with them, right now as we speak. In fact, my care package is scheduled to arrive here tomorrow!

Browsing the site today, I came across a near-complete list of American craft breweries and brewpubs, in alphabetical order, by state. The only one I found missing was Pearl Street, a brewpub here in Buffalo, but then I haven’t yet had time to scour the entire list.

Take a look next time you’re headed to a place other than home so you can find out which craft breweries and brewpubs are close by.

And to USA Beer Trends, I say THANK YOU for compiling such an extensive list.



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