American Homebrewers Association Video Contest – Happening Now

We were recently informed that the fine folks at the American Homebrewers Association are in the midst of a very cool video contest. They created their friendly competition to give homebrewers a chance to share their Big Brew Day experiences and win some cool prizes.

What is Big Brew Day, you ask? It’s an annual event created to help celebrate National Homebrew Day (which falls on May 7th every year – mark your calendars.) The event allows passionate homebrewers a chance to get together all over the world and share their love for the hobby. They don’t just talk about brewing either – they spend the day brewing together as they swap stories, ideas and recipes. We’re just guessing here, but there may also be some consumption and beer sharing involved.

The three-year-old Philadelphia ALEiens Homebrew Club not only took part, they’ve created this short documentary style video to give everyone a glimpse into their Big Brew Day festivities. The passion that exists in their club comes across strong. Towards the end of the video, one of the members explains, “This is my birthday, 4th of July, Christmas, Thanksgiving and May 7th all rolled up into one. This is my day. This is Big Brew Day. Brew big or brew not.”


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