An Order Mishap with a Happy Ending

Our Twitter friend @MuseOfDoom ordered some biters from us a few months back and there was a bit of a mishap.

The very basic, not-very-fun version of the story is that we sent out a box of several bitters flavors and accidentally made a mistake packing it. There was a bottle of Fee Brothers Grapefruit where the lemon ought to be.

While they are both citrusy and delicious, they’re obviously very different – so as soon as the customer alerted us to the issue, we sent out the lemon bitters along with an apology and the invitation to keep the grapefruit bitters. The customer was so pleased, she wrote this very entertaining and creative blog post about the experience, and also shared her cocktail recipe – which we’re definitely going to have to try out for ourselves. Check it out here.

Everything is Coming Up Roses Cocktail Recipe
Photo courtesy of Muse of Doom

Thanks Muse of Doom! Glad we got everything taken care of!

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