Animal House Party

Sometimes, life is hard. Work is brutal, you’re super busy, and you just feel rundown and exhausted. When that happens, it’s good to find some pictures of cats and dogs drinking and pretend that they are having a party together. Luckily for you, I already did the legwork for you…

First Cat

“So I says to the guy, ‘No! You’re the cat’s meow!’ Hey, don’t stop pouring until I say so guy.” (Photo via


First Dog

“I like beer. I like food in bowls. I like you. I like bandanas. I like parties.” (Photo via


Second Cat

“Um, ok. Well, you’re weird. I’m just gonna watch some Duck Dynasty.” (Photo via


Second Dog

“This is (yawn) so much fu…(passes out)” (Photo via


Third Cat

“Wine!” (Photo via


Third Dog

“Really? Wine?” (Photo via


Fourth Cat

“Ah, let him drink what he wants. It’s a fiesta!” (Photo via



Fourth Dog

“Guys. You all need to go home. I don’t feel so good.” (Photo via

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