Another Advance in British Pint Technology

Authentic British Pint GlassFor almost 300 years, by law, the only measure of draft beer you could order in a British pub was the full pint (20 ounces) or half pint (10 ounces). Recently the government has allowed 1/3 pints (6.67 ounces) to be used primarily for beer festivals and tasting, and now they are introducing the 2/3 pints (13.33 ounces). The 2/3 pint gives British pub goers another option when a full pint is too much and half pint is too little.

Now, I would think a 3/4 pint (15 ounces) would make more sense since the 2/3 pint measure is only about two sips of beer larger than the 1/2 pint. What do you think? Should the US have standard beer measures? I like the idea. Is a 2/3 pints a good idea? Leave us your comments.

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  • Hannah October 2, 2009 @ 9:04am

    i find it incredibly interesting that Parliament has to be bothered with pint glass sizes – doesn’t GB’s government have more important issues to be concerned with? I guess it just goes to show how important beer is across the pond!

  • Martin, UK October 23, 2009 @ 8:15am

    Your article uses imperial fluid ounces (which are now obsolete in the UK), but don’t forget US fluid ounces are different.

    1 imperial fluid ounce = approx 28.41 mL
    1 US fluid ounce = approx 29.57 mL

    So the new 2/3 imperial pint glass = approx 13.33 imperial fluid ounces = approx 12.81 US fluid ounces (or 379 mL anywhere in the world).

    How crazy is it to be still using pre-metric measurements in the 21st century? 🙂

  • Hannah October 23, 2009 @ 9:07am

    Martin – Thanks for the info 🙂 And regarding our units of measure… I’m with you ALL THE WAY. In my nearly 3 decades, I still falter with US measurements… metric, IMO, would be the best way to go for all of us. Sigh…

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