Another Macro Advertising Ploy: The Budweiser Buddy Cup

Buddy Cup Commercial

I know what you’re thinking. You see “Budweiser” in the title, and you’re ready to dismiss this post without a further thought. So let me just preface by saying that I’m not a huge fan of what I’m about to describe to you, but my job is to keep you abreast of what’s going on in the beer world, and like it or not, Budweiser’s an enormous player. So read about the Buddy Cup, soak up my own not-so-subtle bias, and then form your own opinions.

Launched by Budweiser Brazil, the “Buddy Cup” is shaped like a standard pint glass, with a built-in chip integrated with Facebook. When two people cheers, they instantly become FB friends. There’s a QR code at the bottom of each glass, so interested users simply scan the code, and the glass then links with their account.

Buddy Cup Closeup LED confirmation signal

Drinking is social. Facebook, obviously, is also social. So, you’d think that in union, these two would be beautiful. Think again. But this time think of those nights when you get back from the bar, feeling the alcohol as it weighs on your brain. You decide it’s a good idea to go on to Facebook and stalk that girl you recently had a date with. You’re drunk, so you’re scouting for some busty bikini pics, and as you’re zooming in, you hit “like” by accident. You don’t notice because you’re far too inebriated. You go to bed, wake up, sign on the book, and realize what you’ve done. It’s too late to “unlike.” You’re doomed. Buzzer sounds. Game over. She doesn’t text or call you back ever. You’re weird, dude.

My point is this: we make mistakes while “Drunkbooking” people we know – imagine throwing a complete stranger into the mix. I just see tons of bros running around the bars, seeking the hottest chicks to slyly clink cups with, just to stalk them on Facebook when they get home later. Again, not cool, man.

Honestly, I applaud Budweiser as they’re trying to increase brand engagement. They recognize the importance of social, and they’re trying to bring their beer to the center of the conversation. And, shit, they have the money, so why not throw computer chips into a bunch of pint glasses?

Okay, I’m done. I’ve said my piece. You’re free to tear them apart.

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