Antique Style Tavern Puzzles

Metal Brain Teaser Puzzles! I used to love these things! From hokey restaurants to historical museums, those were the first things I ran for when I walked in the door!

These small relics from another time always intrigued me and seemed to whisper knowledge from a different place than where I had come from. Just imagining who may have solved this puzzle from hundreds of years earlier, or even more excitingly, who actually created it, was enough to keep me occupied for hours at a time, daydreaming on the creator of the puzzle and what that person was thinking about when it was made.

Antique Style Metal Tavern Puzzles

Even today I can barely resist playing with them. I’ve always admired their craftsmanship and the cold steel texture between my fingertips. The tactile sensation and the unexpected weight have always been a draw to me. The motions to solve the puzzle are like poetry, with rolling deft moves that emulate a more rustic and natural time, back to a place where neither nature nor man held a sovereign rule over the other.


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