Oops! Apple Engineer Leaves iPhone 4G Prototype on a Bar Stool

Apple has confirmed that the secret prototype of the next-generation iPhone that was found on a barstool in a German Beer hall in Redwood City, California is indeed authentic.

According to UK newspapers, the phone was disguised to resemble the current model but the person lucky enough to discover it was familiar with the device and immediately spotted a number of differences. Under the casing they discovered a front camera for video chatting, a rear camera with a larger lens and for the first time ever – a flash.

The finder was also smart enough to know that their discovery was worth something. The phone was sold to the online gadget guide Gizmodo.com, which used information in the iPhone to name the Apple engineer who lost it.

Gizmodo wrote, “Those beers may have turned out to be the bitterest of his life.”

Apple vice president Bruce Sewell wrote a letter asking for the iPhone back and Gizmodo vowed to turn it over.

I have a feeling the guy who lost it might be drinking a lot more beer now. Especially if he’s out of a job.


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