Are you Garlicious? Recipe of the Week

FostersFor me, this beautiful Buffalo weekend was jam packed with beautifully blown glass, life-like oil paintings, mesmerizing sculptures, and oversized cans of ultra-cold fosters at the annual Allentown Arts Festival. I spent most of the weekend browsing, bumping into friends, and buying art.

Since the weekend was busy, and I had Sunday dinner plans – I needed something quick and easy to bring to my dinner party.

Popped my head through my cupboards: soup, pretzels, oatmeal. Not gonna cut it. Scoped the freezer: dumplings, frozen edamame, soy patties. Not gonna work either. Then, I opened my fridge and remembered I had gotten my summer bonus on Friday.

SpiedieDave had come in my office and slapped my “bonus” on my desk: two bottles of Salamida’s, a bottle of the Lemon Garlicious and a bottle of Spiedie sauce. Nice!

Going to college and grad school in central New York I, of course, have had “Spiedies” pronounced “spee-dee”. For those of you outside NY, the colloquial definition of a Spiedie is a hoagie filled with marinated chicken. Similar to a chicken gyro, but immensely better. So, I figured that any sauce by Salamida would be fantastic.

ShrimpI ran to the store, picked up some shrimp and tossed them in a Ziplock with the Garlicious marinade, while I enjoyed my afternoon. When I got home, threw the shrimp on skewers and off to dinner.

We grilled the shrimp for a few minutes on each side, tossed them in a bowl with some freshly squeezed lemon. What a hit!

I would recommend you give it a try. Not only is this “recipe” quick, easy and Garlicious, but also let’s you sip beers, play all day and still show up with a great dish.

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