Are You Ready for Some Football? I am!

Finally, it’s here – NFL opening night. It’s a night that I look forward to all year, second only to the Bills home opener, and the start of Sabres playoffs. For me, football season is about so much more than a game. It’s the whole all-American vibe that hits home with me; there is just no better way to celebrate our freedoms than with football. No better way to remind ourselves what a great country we live in than with beer, burgers and face paint in a crowded parking lot. Honestly.

Buffalo Bills Tailgating

So, tonight, to celebrate, I will enjoy the game over a few drafts at a local pub as I rest up for our home opener on Sunday. But I do need my rest because tailgating in Buffalo is serious. I have lived in other cities, I have been to games in other cities, and honestly Buffalonians are no joke when it comes to pre-game. (I speak only of the fans, not the team, of course. That’s a whole different story). In Buffalo, we take no prisoners.

Buffalo Bills TailgatingMy tailgating group, for instance, will be meeting up at 8:30 Sunday morning (much to the disappointment of many of my friends that are starting before 7), in hopes of being to the stadium by 9:00 for a 1:00 game time. We’re making burgers, dips, breads, yadda, yadda, and the list goes on. I refurbished an old corn hole game; even made beanbags out of an old pair of Zubaz. (Sweet, right?) But most importantly we’re bringing beer! Luckily, working at KegWorks, I have access to resources and products to serve any type of beer and host any type of party.

For those of you kicking off the football season right – with draft beer, there are tons of options for pumping a keg and keeping it cool. If you’re looking for a fast, inexpensive way to serve ice cold draft beer at a game, check out this Tailgate Kegger Kit . Comes complete with tap and insulation bag. Includes a US Sankey tap which works with most domestic beers like Bud and Miller. And, it’s only $48.95, which will help you offset the stadium parking costs.

If you’re looking for more football game gear? Click here!

In the meantime – Go America, go Bills, and get tailgating….


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