Austin’s First Ever Beer Week Begins October 23rd

There’s a lot of people in Texas pushing hard for a Craft Beer Renaissance of sorts, and this year, Austin answers with its first ever Beer Week event, brought together by the Texas Craft Brewers Guild.

Texas Craft Brewers Guild

Austin Beer Week begins on Saturday, October 23rd, with events such as the Draught House 42nd Anniversary Party, and runs through Saturday the 30th, when there will even be a Beer Pong championship.

One of the events that really stood out to me is a Saint Arnold Divine Reserve #1 – 9 Vertical Tasting, which is being held at The Ginger Man. If I were in the area that week, it’s an event I wouldn’t be able to miss. I had the opportunity to enjoy the Saint Arnold Divine Reserve #9, an Imperial Pumpkin Stout. It really blew my mind – the chance to taste all nine in a sitting would be out of this world.

If you’re in the Austin area next week, be sure to set some time aside for history in the making.



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