Autumn is the Season for Wine Tours

Fall is the time for wine tours and believe me, wherever you live you have to have at least one winery not all that far from you. Each state in the US actually has at least one winery; this excludes the District of Columbia, poor DC, no wine, no representation, no fun 🙁 In Upstate New York, we actually have plenty to visit, the Finger Lakes, Lake Erie and the Chautauqua region, the Niagara Escarpment, the Canadian side of the Escarpment. This gives us plenty of opportunities for wine tasting and touring and has grown an industry to accommodate touring with little difficulties.

Wine Tour

First step is choosing the area that you want to visit. I recommend going somewhere relatively close if you want to come home with any of the thousands of bottles that you drunkenly purchased, otherwise in a rush of goodwill towards everyone who has strangely become your best friend, you will pass all of it away on the ride home.

The next step is to pick a bunch of friends that you want to hang out with ALL DAY LONG. Just take that in for a moment. Do you really want to be stuck in an enclosed area with that one great aunt that tells you the same story over and over and over again? The date is a semi-minor detail. You will never get a date that everyone you know will be able to attend on. Never. Do a poll, send an email, whatever, just pick a date that most of you can go on. That is all.

After that you need to secure your mode of transportation. Get a limo, or a vehicle driven by a professional driver who will not be partaking in the festivities. Come on guys, you’re old enough to go on a wine tour, be an adult the rest of the way and don’t put yourself or others (on the road or in your car) in danger. Plus, the added extra that I’ve found is that the drivers are very aware of the best wineries. You can skip all of the terrible ones and the money you’ll save on buying several cases of the sweetest wine you’ve ever had will easily go towards paying for the limo (and keep you from being embarrassed later with your wine selections). Also I have found that there are actually chauffeured vehicles that are smaller than limos in case you want to do a small tour with just a couple of people, and it really doesn’t cost that much, another great option.

Lastly, enjoy!!! You’ve planned it. Do it. Enjoy it. Partake in all the festivities and experience new palate sensations. The experience of learning and enjoying new flavors, aromas and places to visit gives you times to remember fondly and a beautiful fall afternoon to enjoy.


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