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I’ve been slacking on my favored beverage lately and really haven’t had anything worth exploring. Beer is great, but the complexity of an exquisite wine is something to be savored.

I went to my local wine shop yesterday and started getting back into the exploration of better wines (plus they had a big sale and I couldn’t pass it up, Bordeaux marked down to 10 bucks a bottle, why not?).

I’m not a huge wine snob, but I do enjoy a decent vintage.

BordeauxFirst just a bit about Bordeaux, its name has nothing to do with the grapes, (as many American wines are named by), but instead the region it’s grown is what it is named for. Common Bordeaux blends include Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc for the delightfully complex taste and scent that they are known for.

This particular Bordeaux is 90% Merlot and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon and if I had waited a bit longer for it to age, (it’s a 2005) the richer flavors would have been even more prominent.

Chateau La Croix des Lauriers was its name. A formidable opponent. Its rich European heritage called out to me and I had to answer its call. A nice complex Bordeaux. Let’s see what you’ve got, grapey beast!

When I began my ritual of smelling the drink, its alcohol content rushed out at me like a pack of dogs, and I hoped this would be an intriguing bottle. Upon swirling the glass however, more delicate scents began to emanate from the blend and my tension from expecting a less than stellar bottle, (it was $10, after all) was relieved.

Chewing the wine brought out notes of plum and black pepper. Hints of cinnamon danced along my tongue as the swirling libation slowly drained down my throat. A sip again revealed currants and even a bit of blackberry for the surprisingly robust wine that warmed my extremities and relaxed my neck muscles. A smooth mouthfeel combined with just a touch of terroir (an earthy flavor) to balance the fruit, make it a classic European wine. Fully inviting the sensations, flavors, and odors of this decent wine with good future potential is definitely a worth savoring now and later (especially for $10)!!!


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  • M March 4, 2010 @ 12:46pm

    Sounds delicious!!!!

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