Mmmmm…. Bacon!

BaconWaking up in the morning (well maybe closer to noon), still smelling the smoldering campfire and tasting the pine in the air. It just brings out the primal feelings in a guy. Chopping wood, starting fires, driving down a dirt road, having to push your car out of the mud, you just have to love camping for that. Where else can you go off and do these things in a place that your cell phone doesn’t work and your laptop doesn’t dare go.

Being a geek and being in such a wired environment it’s not easy to get “disconnected,” and sometimes the silence in the woods is deafening, but necessary. Going camping relieves stress, lets a guy be a man and use his testosterone for good, not to mention a great release from daily pressures of work and in general life.

Only the manliest need apply, chopping wood lumberjack style and having a beer in the afternoon, sounds like a great man getaway to me. Steak on a fire pit, at night, then wake up to bacon, eggs, home fries and a Bloody Mary. In fact make that Bacon-flavored eggs, Bacon-flavored home fries, Bacon-flavored bacon, (none of that turkey-bacon crap) and a Bacon-flavored Bloody Mary to top it all off.

Ok, back to reality. Although the rest of it might be going overboard, the bacon flavored Bloody Mary is
Maple Bacon Lollipopsin fact very real. Don Yovicsin of Jakes Dixie Roadhouse makes his own bacon flavored vodka which is a huge hit, especially with his Bloody Mary drinking customers. He infuses it with real bacon and seems to have quite a hit on his hands.

The Bacon Bloody Mary Recipe, straight from the source:

1½ oz bacon-flavored vodka
6 oz Bloody Mary mix
Barbecue rub
1 Slim Jim
1 lime wedge

Mix the bacon-flavored vodka and Bloody Mary mix together. Rub rim of tall glass with barbecue spices. Pour mix into glass. Garnish with Slim Jim and lime wedge.

While it’s getting closer to winter than I’d like and the campfire season is dying down, I still have to admit to going to the campfire daydream from time to time. Mmmm… burning wood and bacon and … maybe I’ll just have that maple bacon flavored sucker at my desk to tide me and my testosterone over for now.



  • Hannah September 18, 2008 @ 8:47am

    Gerg – nothing like a bacon-infused, Slim Jim-stirred cocktail to get you bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning! Bring on the swine!

  • Ed September 18, 2008 @ 8:48am

    Wood? Check.
    Tent? Check
    Sleeping bag? Check.
    Hatchet, hunting knife, and other tools? Check-check-check.
    Beer? Oh hell yeah!

    Gerg! Man, leave it to your post to remind me of the one vital thing I’ve forgotten to pack for my camping trip this weekend. Thank you!

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