Bacon Lovers Pig Out at Third Annual Baconfest

Yes, the title is punny and yes it was intended. The event however, is no laughing matter. The first Baconfest Chicago took place in the fall of 2009 and 10 chefs made 75 eaters very happy. This year the festival brought in 55 chefs, 7 alcohol companies, and over 20 “bacontrepreneurs.”

Chicago Baconfest 2011

According to the foodie blog Serious Eats, “One hundred particularly eager bacon fans spent $100 on VIP tickets, which got them into the event an hour early. The remaining 1,400 tickets sold out at $65 a pop within five minutes of them going on sale.”

They also report that the event was well organized with very few lines. When lines did form, they moved quickly. They could have split the event into multiple sessions, however founder Seth Zurer explained that the overload was key to achieving the “vision of Baconfest as a bacon wonderland so full of Bacon goodness that the mind reels at the scope of experience on offer.”

Chicago Baconfest 2011

Some of the most notable offerings included bacon-stuffed bacon, crispy pork belly topped with a Meyer lemon marmalade and slabs of bacon, scored and rubbed with a ton of seasoning made up of green coriander, fennel, brown sugar and maple syrup from Burton’s Maplewood Farm in Indiana (the very same maple syrup of Goose Island’s Maple Bacon Stout fame). That bacon is then roasted for eight hours and covered with a light rhubarb sauce. There was even a drink called the Swine and Thine, made with bacon-infused Zacapa rum along with chocolate liqueur and housemade chocolate bitters.

Chicago Baconfest 2011

Perhaps we’ll have to work on getting more bacon products in stock. The Dimitri’s Bacon Flavored Bloody Mary Salt is a start but this event has served as a reminder that there’s always room for more bacon.

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  • The Elbo Room Chicago June 30, 2011 @ 4:14pm

    Bacon Lovers: Elbo Room on Lincoln Ave. in Chicago is hosting a Bacon night Sunday July 3rd!

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