A Surprisingly Functional Little Piece of Metal

If you have a bar, whether it be a busy commercial bar or a home bar, purse hooks will set you apart from all the others you frequent or have visited. I’m not kidding. Give a place for patrons or friends to hang their belongings, instead of draping things over the bar or piling them on the floor, and you’ve added impressive functionality for years to come.

Funny how a $3.50 little bronze hook can make that much of a difference, but it does.

Purse Hooks

A pub that my best friend and I frequent, Wellington, just installed handbag hooks across the face of the bar a few weeks ago. What a difference it’s made! No longer are coats, bags and the like taking up valuable bar, floor or chair space. Plus, patrons’ belongings are staying cleaner, too (if your crap isn’t all over the bar, you’re less likely to dowse it in whiskey).

Like I said before, these aren’t only great for commercial pubs. I know home bar owners who picked some up and it really keeps things tidy, especially when you have more than one guest at your bar.

On a completely unrelated note, I have an extreme aversion to the word “purse” and don’t really dig using it. I prefer “handbag” or just “bag,” straight up.



  • M March 2, 2010 @ 11:00am

    I can understand ‘handbag’, ‘purse’, and ‘bag’….what I don’t understand is people calling them ‘pocketbooks’. Whats the dilly with that?
    Not that this has ANYTHING to do with Kegworks, drinking or hooks to hang your ‘crap’ on…whatever your crap may be :o)

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