Bar Foot Rails in Action

The other day I stopped by a local fire hall in Swormville, N.Y. to see an assembled bar foot rail that was purchased from KegWorks. This particular bar foot rest was made of satin stainless steel material and extended across the patrons’ side of the bar. While I was checking out the bar foot rail I realized just how really nice this bar area was and how much the foot rail completed its overall look. You can see from the image that having something to rest your feet on is essential, especially when sitting on a tall bar stool. Foot rests actually take the pressure off your lower back and also help your body relax, when sitting at the bar. This foot rail not only serves a functional purpose, but it gives this bar area a classy feel altogether.

Fire Hall Bar Foot Rest

I spoke with someone at the fire hall who was very pleased with the decision in purchasing a foot rail made of satin stainless steel. He described the satin stainless steel material as requiring very little maintenance and was overly satisfied with the high quality, durable material. As you can see from the image, satin stainless steel has a moderately shiny, non-mirrored surface. It can best be described as a smooth, velvety shine.

Fire Hall Bar Foot Rest

Polished stainless steel and polished brass are also two other great materials for bar foot rest tubing and components. Polished stainless steel has a very shiny, mirror finish that reflects a lot of light. Polished brass is similar to polished stainless steel in that it has a very shiny, reflective surface as well. Polished brass end caps and brackets can be paired with unstained wooden tubing.


  • John Rodriguez June 3, 2015 @ 3:17pm

    I need a price for a 10′ long bar foot rail

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