Bar Rail Tubing Used for Toddler Safety Rail

Custom bent bar rail at Park Country Club

Custom-Rolled Bar Rail at Park Country Club of Buffalo

We’ve been in the bar rail business for over a decade – we work with bar and restaurant owners, millworks, contractors, homeowners, and various other businesses. So needless to say, we’ve seen and done a lot with the product. But we recently got an email from a customer who built something we’d never seen before. Check it out below… 

Scott Scanlon Baby Rail Protector


That’s a safety rail set up in a split level home to protect a toddler from going over the back of the sofa to the landing below. Scott Resick, the man behind this project, shot us an email to thank us for the order and included the picture you see above. I had to reach out to him to find out more. Here’s what he said…

“I was doing research online looking for a way to keep my little girl – who is now able to get onto the sofa by herself – from climbing onto and falling over the wall. I wanted to build some sort of railing that was functional, but also looked good in our home. I was searching for “hand rails” on Google and KegWorks popped up. The foot rail was exactly what I pictured for the project. I bought the 8-foot piece of Brushed Stainless Steel Tubing, Brackets, and End Caps. I had no trouble at all with installation. It was a breeze. And it looks great. The brushed stainless steel matches our home fixtures and it serves our purpose of safety. We love it!”

Well, we love it too! It’s awesome to see people doing different things with our products, and of course we love to hear from them when they do it. So thanks for sharing, Scott. We never knew bar rail could be used as a safety product for children (though we probably won’t be marketing it that way anytime soon).

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