Bar Trays 101

Cork Lined Bar Tray

Bar trays aren’t something you think about everyday. If you are serving, you probably have favorites, but if you are buying them you might just look at the price. There are a couple of things to remember when buying bar trays that can actually offset the price in different situations by cutting down on drinks spilled. Sure it doesn’t cost that much to replace a drink, but you could be charging for that, so if your cocktail is $9.00 and costs you $1.00 to replace it, you’ve still lost $8.00 you could have made by selling it to another patron.

Your first step should be determining the environment of the server.

Is it a busy bar that is impossible to get around in, a casual restaurant scene, a dive? For busy bars, look for easily maneuverable trays in a tight space. A tray that can be lifted overhead (with handle) and a minimum of slip are preferable, often available in a variety of colors. Look for a cork or rubberized top to keep your glasses from moving.

Another thing to think about is visibility. If you have cocktail serving staff or shot girls, it would be preferable to have them seen with a highly visible tray. The more eyes that see the tray, the better chance you have of selling more drinks. Neon, shiny and bright plastic often helps this cause.

In contrast, if you have a more subdued setting, get a tray that is easy to handle, but draws less attention to itself. Also look to see if there is a specialized tray for your type of service. A great example is this wine glass tray. It was actually designed by servers and is well balanced, holding 4 in front and 4 on top.

Finally think about the impression it will make on your customers. Fine dining establishments don’t often have neon serving trays, but the venerable black plastic tray used in a pub might need a little oomph to ease your customers’ minds when ordering in a more expensive dish or cocktail.

So enjoy the process. Think about your staff and how they can help make you more money. They’ll be happier for it too.


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