Bart Simpson Goes Postal

The animated television series The Simpson’s has been a staple in my television diet for as long as I can remember. The show debuted when I was five years old and I can’t remember life without it. For 20 years Homer and the rest of the gang have been there for me. Whether I need a good laugh or the comfort of a familiar face, they’re never far away.

To be honest, there’s not much that an episode of The Simpson’s can’t fix. The U.S. Postal Service must have figured that out. With mounting financial losses, layoffs, consolidations, and a proposal from Postmaster General John E. Potter to reduce mail delivery to five days per week, the USPS could certainly use some of the mojo that has contributed to The Simpson’s 20-year reign.

Tomorrow, the portraits of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie will start appearing on postage stamps. Hopefully the only TV show to appear on a stamp while still in production will be able to convince people to send more mail! Who knows though, maybe they’ll just amuse the people who already send it? Regardless of the outcome, it’s worth a shot!

Simpsons Postage Stamps

So take a moment to toss a few Homer Head Ice Cubes into your favorite drink from the Flaming Moe’s Recipe Pint Glass and think about what The Simpsons mean to you. It’s the s-m-r-t thing to do!


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