Cocktails: Easy Like Sunday Morning

Looking for an easy way to make a great drink?

KegWorks has just what you need. BAR-TENDERS INSTANT COCKTAIL MIXES.

I know you’re saying to yourself, no way am I using a powdered drink mix. But I’m here to tell ya these mixes taste just like what your bartender can make and they are really easy to use.

Take for instance my favorite, Lemon Drop. Yeah, Lemon Drop. Simple directions, just add 3-ounces of water, 2-ounces of vodka and contents of 1 pouch. Shake vigorously with ice and strain into your favorite glassware. Not too tart and if you add an extra shot, MAN. What can I say? A great drink.

Now the Mrs. likes the Apple-Tini, no extra shot, (sadly) but she actually prefers the Bar-Tenders brand better than some of the snooty places she drags me to.

Bar-Tender Lemon Drop MixWe have 9 different mixes to choose from:

If you don’t have a shaker, hey, KegWorks gotcha covered there too.

Drink Happy! Drink Responsible!


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  • Shawn Ruyter January 28, 2016 @ 6:53am

    How can I become a dealer in Canada have not seen these items before. Would like to get someon our shelves and in our stores. Would it be posable to get some samples. Shawn Ruyter

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