Bartending’s Top Tools

Recently featured in the Santa Barbara News Press Scene Magazine are some of KegWorks’ top tools for bartending. Whether you’re a professional bartender or you play one at home, these accessories can make the arduous job of tending bar quite a bit easier, so they’re always great to have on hand.

Black & Tan Spoon
One helpful gadget, especially around St. Patrick’s Day, is the Black & Tan Spoon. It’s used to make layered beer drinks, like the classic Black and Tan (hence the name) Black and Tan Spoonor Half and Halfs. Easier to use than any regular spoon for these treats, the Black & Tan Spoon can almost guarantee perfect layered results every time. What’s more, it has a crook in its handle which lets it easily rest on top of the pint glass, so you don’t have to worry about trying to keep it steady in a rush.

Cocktail Shaker
A favorite of bartenders everywhere is the Cocktail Shaker. Mixed drinks can be stirred up and chilled all at once with a few flicks of the wrist, and then easily strained into a glass. The cocktail shaker is a time saver, and mixes up cocktails much more than just stirring alone ever could.

Margarita Glass Rimmer
If you’ve ever tried to decorate a glass rim with sugar or salt using your hand or some devised contraption, you know it can be a difficult task. That’s where the Margarita Glass Rimmer can really come into play. This three-compartment tray holds your margarita salt and sugar, and the third compartment has a sponge for filling with water. A quick spin on the water sponge, and your rim is ready for a dip into sugar or salt, whatever you fancy.

Cocktail Muddler
This tool brings me back to the days of muddled Old Fashioneds – a favorite poolside drink of my parents – and watching Mom mash oranges and maraschino cherries to a pulp before adding the spirits. The muddler is used to crush fruit, mint leaves or other things of that nature to open up and release their flavors for a better tasting, more opulent drink. A more modern cocktail that’s best created with a good muddling is the Mojito.

Bottle Opener
It may be a simple tool, but most bartenders would say it’s indispensable. The bottle opener is arguably the quintessential element of all bar tools, Professional Bottle Openerhelping to get hundreds of bottles of beer to patrons faster and easier than trying to do it all by hand ever could. You’ll find bottle openers in all shapes and sizes, but the professionals usually choose one that’s flat with a rubbery grip.

Those are just some of the many bar tools that make tending bar a bit easier and a lot more fun. Stay tuned for more tricks of the trade coming soon!

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