Baseball and Beer – America’s Favorite Pastimes

“Legend has it that Babe Ruth occasionally left baseball games between the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox, headed to a Chicago bar called McCuddy’s and drank beer between innings.

“Beer and baseball have always been intimate, and recently, flavorful beer and baseball have gotten to know each other better. In fact, baseball announcer Andy Musser confesses, ‘I have been known to slip down the right field line at Coors Field’ in Denver, where Coors Brewing Co. operates its SandLot Brewery.”

– excerpt from Take Him Out to the Brewpub, by Stan Hieronymus and Daria Labinsky.

Baseball and Beer - Americas Favorite PastimesWe may be big on beer, here at KegWorks, but that’s not all we’re into! With summer officially over and the Major League Baseball season winding down, I have found a way to extend my obsession with baseball. For a measly $12.95 you can own and manage your own baseball team on

The real addiction involved in this is the pool of players you have to draft from in making your team – Any player that appeared in a baseball game from 1885 to 2007 may be chosen to make up your team. Salaries are prorated to modern salaries based on the players statistical value, and you have 80 million dollars to put together a team with 25 players. If this sounds very geeky it is, but be warned that some 400,000 members on play the “Sim League” often.

Every stadium that pro baseball was ever played in is rated for its effect on pitching and hitting stats, and any one place can be chosen as your home ball park.

Check out more info on the company here.

And be sure to visit but be warned: it’s a very addicting game …


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  • Hannah September 25, 2008 @ 8:58am

    Wow, Mike – I checked out and it looks like they do sim football games too! That could be dangerously time-consuming….

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