Baseball Beer Gone Wrong…

We’ve recently passed the 34th anniversary of one of the craziest games ever played in MLB history.

Strohs BeerOn June 4th, 1974 the Cleveland Indians offered Stroh’s 12 ounce beers for 10 cents each, with a limit of six purchased per time visiting the beer tents. The team was doing poorly on the field and attendance was down, so this seemed like a good idea at the time. Cleveland was averaging 8000 fans per game, but 25,000 turned out for the beer night to watch the Tribe play the Texas Rangers. As the night wore on, the crowd became more rowdy, culminating in a ninth inning fiasco that cost the Indians the game.

Texas RangersDown 5-3 entering the ninth, the Indians managed to tie the game 5-5 with 2 outs in the Ninth; As slugger Leron Lee came to bat, Cleveland fans pelted the field with golf balls, rocks and batteries and general chaos ensued. Manager Billy Martin led his team off the field dodging flying chairs, wielding a baseball bat to clear a way to the bullpen exit in right field.

Umpires called the game and gave Cleveland a loss due to forfeit as the fans made the game unplayable.

News Clipping

Amazingly, Cleveland was to continue the “10-cent beer night” promotion until AL President Lee McPhail ruled against it in mid-June of 1974.


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