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Working at KegWorks has helped me learn more than I ever thought I needed to know about drinks. I’m sure like many others; I drink for 1 or maybe 2 reasons. But we won’t go there right now.

When at home making drinks for myself, I have an assortment of recipes and mixtures that help make a drink taste that much better. But lately I have noticed myself going back to the simple stuff. My favorite drink is vodka and cranberry. Nice and simple; not too much ice, not too much cranberry. And guess what? I forgot how good this basic drink is.

I’ve been jazzing it up with everything from orange to cherry bitters. Even got fancy glasses to drink it from and a straw was mandatory. Who do I think I am? When did this regular guy become so uppity?

Well, with age comes wisdom and realizing that since I only have 2 reasons why I indulge, I will save all that fancy stuff to impress my friends. All my bitters, syrups, the premium tonic water and the special glass will be on the shelf for now.

I’ve pulled out the red plastic cup, got my favorite vodka and some cranberry juice. Nice and pink, the way I like it. Ahhh, goes down just right.

Ok, I’ll tell 1 of the reasons why I drink. Here’s a hint… the lion from the Wiz was in search of it.

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