Bayern Face Plant Doppel Weizen Ale

Face Plant Doppel Weizen Ale is another brew from Montana that’s been awaiting my review. It poured a murky, muddy brown with a tall head. I couldn’t see through it at all. Despite low retention, there was a fair amount of lacing on the sides of my pint.

Bayern Face Plant Doppel Weizen Ale

Face Plant offered a sweet, light aroma. There was a biscuity character with a hint of alcohol in the nose, but nothing overpowering, which is nice at 7.5% ABV. Its medium-heavy body left a slipperiness on my lips. The light, tiny-bubbled carbonation is just enough to break up its viscosity.

Biscuity flavor carries through the sip with a touch of molasses. clove and roasted banana. Low hop character until the finish; leafy, dirty hop taste (in a good way) linger in the back of my throat, even after the sip is finished, with a slight fruity sourness. Alcohol is not present in the taste.

More sweet with a hint of “dirt” than anything, I wouldn’t call it entirely balanced but, despite its heavier body, it’s rather drinkable.

Overall, a tasty ale and a pretty good example of the style but I wouldn’t go so far as to write home about it.


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